Israel Ke 5 Best Weapon

Israel, which is counted among the small countries of the world, often lives in happiness. This country is known for its military strength.

Israel talks eye to eye even with the countries considered to be the most powerful in the world. Now we are telling you some special things

Despite being surrounded by enemies on all sides, Israel's health does not make much difference.

Iron Dome

Rocket attacks have no effect on Israel. Actually, this country has invented a special technology. Because of which rocket or missile attacks prove ineffective on this country

F16I Sufa

Although many countries in the world have modern fighter jets, there is no comparison to the jets that Israel has. Israel has F16I. . 

special drone

Israel is considered to be the best unmanned aircraft (drone). The Israeli Army can defeat the enemy at any time with the help of these modern drones. Through drones, 

Merkava MK4 Tank

This tank is one of the strongest pillars of the Israeli Army. This includes laser warning system and smoke screen grenades. The Mk.4 tank is fitted with a 120 mm smoothbore gun,

derby missile

This missile is very special for Israel. This missile is used extensively in fighter planes. This is one of the best air-to-air missiles

These were from Israel The most special and dangerous weapon

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