Austria to Buy 4 Embraer C-390 Cargo Planes for Over $500 Million 

Austria has signed a contract to purchase four Embraer C-390 Millennium cargo planes for over $500 million

The C-390 is a medium-sized, twin-engine turbofan cargo aircraft that is capable of transporting up to 23 tons of cargo.

The C-390 is also capable of carrying a variety of military vehicles and equipment, including troops, tanks, and helicopters.

The C-390 is expected to replace Austria's aging fleet of C-130 Hercules cargo planes

- Veekay

The first C-390 is expected to be delivered to Austria in 2025.

The purchase of the C-390 is the largest military procurement contract in Austria's history.

The purchase of the C-390 is seen as a sign of Austria's commitment to modernizing its military.

The purchase of the C-390 is also seen as a boost for Embraer's defense business.

The C-390 is a relatively new aircraft

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