First MQ-9 drones to be delivered to Indian Navy by 2023

The Indian Navy will receive its first batch of MQ-9 drones by 2023.

The drones will be used to enhance the Navy's surveillance capabilities.

The MQ-9 drones are capable of flying at high altitudes for long durations.

They can also carry out a range of missions, including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

The drones will be equipped with advanced sensors and communication systems.

The MQ-9 drones will be operated by the Indian Navy's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) squadron.

The squadron is responsible for operating and maintaining the Navy's UAV fleet.

The MQ-9 drones will be based at Indian Navy's air stations in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

The drones will be used to monitor India's maritime borders and exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

The MQ-9 drones will also be used for anti-piracy and anti-smuggling operations.

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