Gaganyaan: 10 Facts About India's Historic Space Mission

1. Gaganyaan is a Sanskrit word that means "sky vehicle."

2. The Gaganyaan mission is being developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

3. The first uncrewed test flight of Gaganyaan is scheduled for late 2023, with the first crewed flight scheduled for mid-2024.

4. Gaganyaan will carry a crew of three astronauts to a low Earth orbit of 300-400 km.

5. The astronauts will spend 5-7 days in space, conducting experiments and observing the Earth.

6. Gaganyaan will be launched aboard the GSLV Mark III rocket, ISRO's most powerful rocket to date.

7. The Gaganyaan spacecraft consists of three modules: a crew module, a service module, and a propulsion module.

8. Gaganyaan is expected to generate 15,000 jobs in India.

9. The Gaganyaan mission will make India the fourth country to send humans into space, after the Soviet Union, the United States, and China.

10. Gaganyaan is a major milestone for India's space program, and it is expected to boost India's global standing in the field of space exploration.

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