Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship: The Bike from the Future

This is the bike that used to place at the top of many lists of the most expensive bikes.

 Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship was made with the idea of creating a piece of art. Partnering with the famous rebel cosmic existentialist artist.

 Harley Davison applied a yellow and red paint over on a Harley V-rod and initially sold it at a flat $1 million after broadcasting and showcasing it to the world.

Keeping in mind that a Harley Davidson V-rod costs at $16,000, the paint job on the Cosmic Starship costs at $984,000. 

However, keeping in mind, the fact that most of Jack Armstrong's works go for an upwards of $3 million, this seems like a pretty good deal.

The Cosmic Starship is a one-of-a-kind motorcycle that is covered in intricate artwork by Jack Armstrong. The bike is a rolling work of art that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

The Cosmic Starship is simply an awesome motorcycle. It is a powerful, agile, and exclusive work of art that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

 Wherever you go on the Cosmic Starship, you're sure to turn heads and start conversations. It's a truly unique and awe-inspiring machine.

The Cosmic Starship is a powerful and exciting motorcycle to ride. It's the perfect bike for those who want to experience the ultimate in motorcycle performance.

 It's made by Harley Davidson, one of the most iconic motorcycle brands in the world

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