How To Do Navratri Puja At Home

Choose a place for your puja

It should be a clean and quiet place where you can focus on your worship.

Set up your puja altar

 This could be a simple table or shelf, covered with a clean cloth. On the altar, place a photo or statue of Goddess Durga.such as flowers, fruits, and incense.

Cleanse yourself

Before beginning the puja, take a shower or bath. You may also want to wear clean, comfortable clothes.

Begin the puja with an invocation

This is a simple prayer inviting Goddess Durga into your home.

Light a lamp or candle

This represents the light of wisdom and knowledge.

Offer flowers to Goddess Durga

This is a symbol of your devotion and respect.

Offer fruit to Goddess Durga

This is a symbol of your gratitude for her blessings.

Offer incense to Goddess Durga

This is a way to purify the air and to create a sacred atmosphere.

Recite mantras or prayers

 There are many different mantras and prayers that you can recite during Navratri puja. Choose the ones that you feel most drawn to.

End the puja with a thank you

Thank Goddess Durga for her presence and for her blessings.

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