Jawa Perak: The Ultimate Bobber Riding Experience

Unique retro-bobber styling

The Jawa Perak has a unique retro-bobber styling that sets it apart from other motorcycles in the market. It has a low-slung stance, single seat.

Powerful engine

The Jawa Perak is powered by a 334cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that produces 30.64bhp of power and 31Nm of torque.

Fun and easy to ride

 The Jawa Perak is a fun and easy-to-ride motorcycle. It has a comfortable riding position and light handling that makes it perfect for city riding and cruising.

Value for money

 The Jawa Perak is a great value for money proposition. It is one of the most affordable bobber motorcycles in the market and offers a lot of features and performance for its price.

Exhaust note

 The Jawa Perak has a throaty exhaust note that is sure to turn heads. The exhaust note is not too loud, but it is loud enough to be heard and appreciated.

Build quality

The Jawa Perak has a good build quality. The fit and finish of the parts are good and the motorcycle feels solid and well-built.


 The Jawa Perak comes with a number of features, including a dual-channel ABS system, LED headlamp and taillight, and a digital instrument cluster.

Customization options

The Jawa Perak has a number of customization options available. This allows riders to personalize their Perak to their liking.


The Jawa Perak is a part of the iconic Jawa brand. Jawa is a well-known and respected motorcycle brand in India and has a long and rich heritage.


The Jawa Perak is a limited edition motorcycle. This makes it an exclusive and desirable motorcycle to own.

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