Latest Look, Royal Enfield Hunter 350

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is the latest and greatest motorcycle from the iconic Indian brand. It's a stylish

lightweight, and affordable motorcycle that's perfect for both new and experienced riders

Here are Some things to know about the Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Retro design

 The Hunter 350 has a classic retro design with a round headlamp, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, and spoked wheels. It's available in a variety of attractive colors, including 

easy to handle

The Hunter 350 is a relatively lightweight motorcycle, weighing in at just 181 kg. This makes it easy to handle, even for new riders.

Powerful engine

 The Hunter 350 is powered by a 349cc single-cylinder engine that produces 20.2 bhp and 27 Nm of torque. This is enough power for everyday riding and occasional highway jaunts.

Smooth ride

The Hunter 350 has a comfortable ride quality, thanks to its suspension and seating position.

Affordable price

The Hunter 350 is very affordable, especially considering its features and performance. It starts at just ₹1.49 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Fuel efficiency

The Hunter 350 is also very fuel-efficient, thanks to its fuel-injected engine. It can return up to 40 km/l in real-world riding conditions.

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