Leaked Galaxy Watch 6 specs list a bigger screen and slimmer bezels

src: unsplash

The upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 could come with a larger display

src: unsplash

A specs list posted by leaker SnoopyTech (via 9to5Google) 

src: unsplash

suggests that the 40mm Watch 6 will come with a 1.31-inch OLED display

src: unsplash

 while the 44mm version will feature a 1.47-inch OLED display.

src: unsplash

The specs sheet indicates that the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

get a similar upgrade, featuring the same display sizes

across its rumored 43mm and 47mm options. 

the 1.2-inch display might come with a 432 x 432 resolution

while the 1.47-inch screen may have a 480 x 480 

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