Shivani Miss Universe Rbonney Gabriel Compares Pageant Training To Olympics

Rbonney Gabriel, Miss Universe 2020 from Curaçao, compared her pageant training to the Olympics.

She said that she trained her mind, body, and soul every single day.

Gabriel also talked about the importance of mental health and self-care during the training process.

She emphasized the need to stay positive and focused on one's goals.

Gabriel also shared her experience of representing her country at the Miss Universe pageant.

She said that it was an honor to represent Curaçao and to be a part of the Miss Universe family.

Gabriel also talked about the challenges she faced during the pageant, including the language barrier.

She said that she overcame these challenges by staying true to herself and her values.

Gabriel's comparison of pageant training to the Olympics highlights the rigorous and demanding nature of the pageant industry.

It also emphasizes the importance of mental and physical preparation for success in any field.

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