Patriot System Punctured by Russian Hypersonic Attacks

A CIA analyst has claimed that the US has halted the delivery of Patriot missile systems to Ukraine due to concerns that the systems are vulnerable to Russian hypersonic attacks.

The analyst, who spoke to the Eurasian Times on condition of anonymity, said that the Patriot system has been "punctured" by Russian hypersonic attacks in Syria.

The analyst said that the US is now working on developing new technologies

The analyst's claims have not been confirmed by the US government.

However, the US has been hesitant to provide Ukraine with long-range

The Patriot system is a long-range air defense system that is capable of intercepting ballistic 

The Patriot system is deployed by the US and its allies around the world.

Hypersonic weapons are difficult to detect and intercept

The US is currently developing a number of new technologies 

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