Poland buys hundreds of naval strike missiles in $2 billion deal

Poland has signed a $2 billion deal with the US to purchase hundreds of naval strike missiles for its coastal defense system.

The deal includes the purchase of 180 Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) and associated equipment, as well as training and logistics support.

The NSM is a long-range, precision missile designed to strike enemy ships and land targets.

It is capable of flying at extremely low altitudes and can navigate complex terrain.

The missile has a range of over 100 nautical miles and can be launched from ships, trucks, and aircraft.

The purchase of the NSM is part of Poland's efforts to modernize its military and enhance its coastal defense capabilities.

The deal also includes the integration of the NSM into Poland's existing coastal defense system.

The NSM is manufactured by Norway's Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and is in service with several navies around the world.

The purchase of the NSM is seen as a significant boost to Poland's defense capabilities and a sign of its commitment to NATO.

The deal comes amid growing tensions between NATO and Russia, and is part of a broader effort by NATO to strengthen its eastern flank.

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