Salma Hayek’s Bobs Were All Set To Get Their Own TV Show But Nothing Came Out Of It; What’s Happening Makers?

Salma Hayek's production company, Ventanarosa, had announced a TV show based on her famous bob hairdo.

The show was supposed to be a comedy series that would revolve around the hairdo.

The show was announced in 2017, but nothing has been heard of it since.

The show was supposed to be produced by Hayek and her partner Jose Tamez.

The show was supposed to be written by Cynthia Mort, who has previously worked on shows like Will & Grace and Roseanne.

The show was supposed to be set in the 1980s.

The show was supposed to explore the cultural significance of the bob hairdo.

It is unclear why the show has not been made yet.

Hayek has not commented on the status of the show.

It is possible that the show has been cancelled or put on hold.

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