Somewhere by airlift, somewhere by water


Lets Talk About, India's 10 biggest rescue operations before Mission Sudan 1


Kuwait Airlift: It is about 1990. The Gulf War was going on. Iraq invades Kuwait 

Operation Sukoon/Beirut Sealift: War broke out between Israel and Lebanon in 2006

Operation Safe Homecoming: Indian government launched this mission in 2011 to save Indians fleeing the civil war in Libya 

Operation Rahat: It is a matter of year 2015. Fighting breaks out between government and Houthi rebels in Yemen -5

Operation Maitri: After the earthquake in Nepal, this operation was carried out to save people and evacuate Indians from there 

In the year 2016, there were three suicide bombings in Belgium. 32 civilians killed 

Operation Samudra Setu: It is a matter of the year 2020. COVID-19 had spread 

Vande Bharat Mission: In 2021, India launched a campaign to bring back Indians stranded in different countries due to Kovid 

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