Sony PlayStation 3 In Golden Color

Solid 22-carat gold

The PlayStation 3 Supreme is encased in 1.6 kilograms of solid 22-carat gold, making it one of the most expensive and luxurious gaming consoles ever created.

Diamond-studded disc loading slot

The disc loading slot is adorned with a total of 58 22-carat diamonds, adding a touch of opulence and brilliance to the console's design.

Handcrafted by Stuart Hughes

The PlayStation 3 Supreme is a bespoke creation meticulously handcrafted by renowned luxury designer Stuart Hughes, known for his extravagant and high-end products.

Limited edition

Only three PlayStation 3 Supreme consoles were ever produced, making them extremely rare and sought-after collector's items.

Symbol of extreme wealth and exclusivity

 Owning a PlayStation 3 Supreme is a testament to one's immense wealth and access to the most exclusive and luxurious products.

Original PlayStation 3 functionality

Despite its luxurious exterior, the PlayStation 3 Supreme retains the original functionality of the PlayStation 3, allowing users to enjoy a vast library of games.

Meticulous craftsmanship

The PlayStation 3 Supreme is a testament to Stuart Hughes's impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

A unique piece of art

The PlayStation 3 Supreme transcends its gaming function and becomes a work of art, embodying the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship.

An investment in prestige and exclusivity

 The PlayStation 3 Supreme is more than just a gaming console; it is an investment in prestige, exclusivity, and access to the most coveted items in the world.

A symbol of gaming and luxury

The PlayStation 3 Supreme represents the intersection of the gaming industry and the world of luxury goods.

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