Torrie Wilson shares emotional tribute to Bray Wyatt: 'Such a special human'

Former WWE superstar Torrie Wilson has shared an emotional tribute to Bray Wyatt following his release from the company.

Wilson took to Instagram to share her thoughts on Wyatt, calling him 'such a special human'.

She praised Wyatt's creativity and his ability to connect with fans, saying that he 'made us all feel something'.

Wilson also thanked Wyatt for his support during her time in WWE, saying that he was always there for her when she needed him.

She expressed her sadness at Wyatt's release, saying that it was a 'huge loss' for WWE and for the fans.

Wilson encouraged Wyatt to keep being himself and to continue creating, saying that he had a 'gift' that should not be wasted.

She also thanked Wyatt for being a friend and for making her laugh, saying that he had a 'heart of gold'.

Wilson's tribute to Wyatt has been met with an outpouring of support from fans and fellow wrestlers.

Wyatt was released from WWE on July 31, 2021, after being with the company for over a decade.

His release came as a shock to many fans and wrestlers, who had praised Wyatt's work in WWE and his unique character.

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