Ukraine vs Russia: A War Without End?

The war is now in its 608th day, with no end in sight.

Russia controls about 22% of Ukrainian territory, including Crimea and parts of the eastern Donbas region.

Millions of Ukrainians have been displaced from their homes, and thousands have been killed.

The war has caused a global humanitarian crisis, with millions of people in need of food, water, and shelter.

The war has also had a significant impact on the global economy, causing energy prices to rise and disrupting supply chains.

The United States and its allies have provided billions of dollars in military and financial aid to Ukraine, but they have been reluctant to intervene directly in the conflict.

Russia has been hit by severe sanctions, but it has so far refused to withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

There is a growing risk of the war escalating, with Russia threatening to use nuclear weapons if it feels threatened.

The war has also raised concerns about the future of the global security order.

The outcome of the war is uncertain, but it is clear that it will have a profound impact on Ukraine, Russia, and the world. 

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