Ukrainian MiG-29 Parked Jet Falls

A Russian Lancet kamikaze drone has destroyed another Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jet

The attack is the second of its kind in recent weeks, and it highlights the growing threat that drones pose to conventional air forces.

The attack on the MiG-29 has raised concerns that Russia is developing new tactics to use drones to destroy enemy aircraft.

Some experts believe that Russia could use drones to target enemy airbases and destroy parked aircraft, making it difficult for enemy air forces to operate.

Others believe that Russia could use drones to swarm enemy aircraft in the air, making it difficult for pilots to defend themselves.

The attack on the MiG-29 is a reminder that the world of warfare is changing rapidly, and that air forces need to adapt to the new threats posed by drones.

The Lancet drone is about 5 feet long and has a wingspan of about 8 feet.

The Lancet drone can carry a warhead of up to 10 kilograms.

The Lancet drone is relatively inexpensive and easy to produce

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