US State Department approves South Korea to buy 25 more F-35A jets

South Korea has been approved to purchase 25 more F-35A fighter jets from Lockheed Martin.

The US State Department approved the request, which is worth an estimated $7.3 billion.

The purchase is part of South Korea's plan to modernize its military and enhance its defense capabilities.

South Korea already has 60 F-35A jets in its fleet, with plans to acquire a total of 120.

The F-35A is a fifth-generation fighter jet that is designed for air-to-ground and air-to-air combat.

It is equipped with advanced sensors and stealth technology, making it difficult to detect by radar.

The F-35A is also capable of carrying a variety of weapons, including air-to-air missiles and precision-guided bombs.

Lockheed Martin is the primary contractor for the F-35 program, which is the largest military aircraft program in history.

The F-35 program has faced criticism for its high cost and technical issues, but it remains a key part of many countries' military strategies.

South Korea's purchase of additional F-35A jets is expected to strengthen its alliance with the US and enhance its defense capabilities in the region.

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