What Is Apple Iphone Features Protect In 2023

Many big opposition leaders have been sharing screenshots related to phone hacking since Tuesday morning.

 In these notifications sent by Apple, users are being informed about the governmentAlert has been issued regarding sponsored hacking.

 Such messages have been shared by many opposition leaders, including TMC MP Mahua Moitra, 

Apple's special feature

Does Apple separately alert about any 'government sponsored' hacking? Yes, Apple has added this feature to its platform

only last yearWe know Apple for privacy. The company has been taking various steps to keep the data of its users secure.

One such step is this featureBecause of which people are getting notifications

The company has recently added the Contact Key Verification feature. This is a new security feature of the company, 

which is for iMessage and iCloud. The company has introduced this feature While introducing it, 

it was said that this security layer has been designed in such a way that iMessage can be protected

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