What Should Be Avoided During Navratri 

1. Negative thoughts and emotions: Navratri is a time to focus on positive and uplifting thoughts and emotions. Avoid negative thoughts, such as anger, jealousy, and resentment.

2. Overindulgence: Avoid overeating, overdrinking, and oversleeping. Strive for moderation in all things.

3. Distractions: Avoid distractions, such as social media, television, and excessive communication. Focus on your spiritual practice and on spending time with loved ones.

4. Attachment to material things: Let go of attachment to material things. Focus on your inner self and on your spiritual development.

5. Ego: Let go of your ego and surrender to the Divine.

6. Self-doubt: Believe in yourself and in your ability to achieve your spiritual goals.

7. Fear: Let go of fear and embrace the unknown.

8. Laziness: Be proactive and take steps to achieve your spiritual goals.

9. Procrastination: Don't put off your spiritual practice until tomorrow. Start today.

10. Doubt in the Divine: Have faith in the Divine and in the power of Navratri to transform your life.

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