World's Largest Elephant

Adult male African savanna elephants, also known as bulls, are the largest land animals on Earth. They can grow up to 13 feet (4 meters) tall and weigh up to 14,000 pounds (6,350 kilograms).

Bulls have large, curved tusks that can grow up to 6 feet (1.8 meters) long. These tusks are used for digging, fighting, and defending themselves. 

Bulls have thick, wrinkled skin that protects them from predators and the elements. Their skin is also home to a variety of parasites, including ticks, flies, and maggots. 

Bulls have large, floppy ears that help them to stay cool in the hot African sun. Their ears also help them to communicate with other elephants. 

Bulls have long, muscular trunks that they use for breathing, smelling, drinking, and picking up objects. Their trunks are very sensitive and can even pick up a single blade of grass.

Bulls are social animals that live in herds of up to 100 elephants. Herds are matriarchal, meaning that they are led by the oldest female elephant.

Bulls compete for the right to mate with females. They do this by fighting, trumpeting, and showing off their tusks.

Bulls do not play a major role in raising calves. This is the job of the female elephants in the herd.

Bulls are herbivores, which means that they eat plants. They eat a variety of grasses, leaves, fruits, and bark.

Bulls are an important part of the African ecosystem. They help to disperse seeds and they also play a role in controlling the population of other animals.

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